Now, man, show your true nature” ➡  Chapter 521 - Episode 415
Inspired by jiraiya-chan~



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I wrote and sang English lyrics to the current One Piece opening, We Go! Thank you to my bosom buddies Ivan and Apa for being the professionals they are and bringing life to the prologue, and thanks to my boo Sapphire for her studio magic. You are all my Straw Hat crew. Enjoy!

guys you should really really listen to this!!

wow that was really really good.

TRACK NAME: Happy Birthday Luffy!
ARTIST: Strawhat Pirates/furanky


Happy Birthday Pirate King! ♕

“Not just the marines… it’s for those who even faced the World Government head on, a ship for the Strawhat crew!”

“I joined your crew…”
“This is one hell of a crew.”

“He said I was his nakama…”

“I’ll go with you, on this road to become the Pirate King.”

“You’re the man who is going to become the Pirate King, right?”

“Luffy is the man who is going to become the Pirate King!”

“I have to be ready to take us anywhere our captain wants to go, wherever it may be!”

“Take me out to the sea with you!”

“Thank you for going along with my selfishness for the past two years!”

oh my goodness! this is beautiful.

HEY! why is nami last in ur fav strawhats? i think shes pretty cool

first off, the list is based off of current standings… atm i’m watching the ocean’s dream arc… and i don’t like how dimwitted and sneaky she comes off. sometimes i really do like Nami and am happy she’s part of the crew but there are moments when i despise her. i just personally don’t like greedy and manipulative women (must be all the korean dramas)… i’m at the part where she’s trying to convince everybody to run away from Robin and Luffy and go back home.

i think it’s because i’m rewatching the series and i keep seeing potential zorobin moments…

i always used to ship frobin but now i want to ship zorobin… but noooo! it doesn’t feel right. Robin can only be with ONE!!! ONE!!!!! why are you doing this to me brain?!!! right now my OTP feels are like… abdjabskifbabdfk…. i can’t even explain. but they look so good together. ok. OK. how about Franky and Zoro just fight for Robin… is that alright? can that work?